Plugin Boutique has announced a sale on two of its virtual synthesizer instruments, offering 50% off the regular price for a limited time only.

Carbon Electra is a powerful and intuitive synth built by producers, for producers.

Plugin Boutique Carbon Electra 1.5

It’s a four-oscillator subtractive synth with a modern feature set. It has been developed as an advanced learning tool whilst also being a powerful and easy-to-program synth. Being based on vintage analogue routing and featuring flexible modulation options including an editable stepper and note performer.

The graphical displays act as a comprehensive information tool as well as an accurate guide to each parameter change. Best of all, it sounds incredible.

Carbon Electra is on sale for only £19.99 GBP / $25 USD. A purchase includes the Emissions expansion, featuring 64 presets focusing on lush keys, rich bass timbres, smooth pads, beautiful leads and hypnotic sequences,

Plugin Boutique’s VirtualCZ recreates the unique synthesis engine of the CZ synths from Casio.


Many people fondly remember the CZ synths and they have become retro-classics that are highly sought after, having been used on countless techno, house, rave and synth-pop records in the late 80s and early 90s.

Many artists still use the CZ today for its unique sounds, including great pads and synth strings, screaming leads, big basses, weird FX, metallic percussion and above all RAVE ORGANS. Like many timeless synths, it has a unique sonic quality and will be a beneficial addition to anyone’s synth collection.

VirtualCZ is available for purchase for £29.95 GBP / $39 USD. It includes the Retro Electro by Scott Diaz for free. This pack offers nostalgic selection of warm polyphonic keys, neon leads, phat basses and fx crafted for a perfect ’80s retro sound.

The offer expires December 6th, 2019.

More information: Plugin Boutique