Plugin Boutique has launched a sale on four Meldaproduction audio plugins as part of the Eternal Madness Sale.

The sale includes the MXXX multi-effect plugin featuring over 70 processors.

MXXX is the ultimate effect. It is a modular beast containing all our effects in a simple interface with an automatic routing matrix, super-versatile modulators and much more. It lets you do everything from simple equalization and compression to the wildest and most creative processing.

Regularly 999 EUR, the plugin is on sale for 500 EUR until the end of the month.

Also available at 50% off:

  • MFlangerMB, a powerful multiband flanger that allows you to fully adjust its shape. Process anything from guitar tracks to complete mixes with outstanding audio quality.
  • MTransientMB, an advanced transient processor with simple controls, but powerful features. Especially useful for processing drums, rhythmic guitars and other percussive sounds.
  • MTurboReverbLE, a “light edition” version of the MTurboReverb algorithmic reverb, featuring about a hundred great sounding reverbs.

The offer expires January 31st, 2021.

More information: Meldaproduction