Red Room Audio has announced a “cinematic realism” flash sale on two of its Palette series Kontakt instruments, offering a 50% discount for 72 hours only.

Orchestral FX brings an extensive collection of cinematic aleatoric orchestral FX for strings, brass, woodwinds and choir. The library features 6 categories for all 4 sections of the orchestra. It also includes a powerful FX Builder patch that allows you to create your own unique FX by layering up to 4 sources with individual controls for adjusting volume, pitch and timing.

Runs & Arps is the most complete orchestral runs and arps library available. It features both strings and woodwinds ensembles performing scales in 6 common modes, each with up to 13 variations, plus 20 kinds of arpeggios. The library includes a total of over 1,600 unscripted, real recorded phrases. It comes with 3 microphone positions, an 8-slot onboard FX rack and drag and drop MIDI data.

On sale for $99 USD each, the instrument libraries are Kontakt Player and NKS compatible. The offer expires April 26th, 2021.

More information: Red Room Audio