Prime Loops has launched a limited time promotion on a selection of Waxie Music Library sample packs.

Geared towards Lofi, Chill Hop, Ambient, Boom Bap, and Trap beats, Waxie Vol. 1 – Passages contains 12 original compositions with lush chords and melodies that contain mellow and emotional vibes. The pack also includes a folder of the compositions processed thru the sp404 for extra grit.

Perfect for adding some extra color and texture to your compositions, loops, melodies, and beats, Analog One Shots Vol. 1 includes original 120+ dark synth one shots created using the Prophet Rev2 ran through a custom pedal chain and processed thru tape and other analog/digital gear.

Hazel by multi instrumentalist Jake Pozzi brings gritty, dark, and uplifting vibes and contains a large range of sounds and textures in it which makes it perfect for all genres. A collaboration with Eli Brown, the sample pack features 10 original bpm labeled samples.

More information: Waxie Music Library