Plugin Boutique has launched a deal on expansion packs for the VirtualCZ software phase distortion synthesizer instrument, offering a 50% discount for a limited time.

Expand your VirtualCZ and save 60% off each collection of presets for a limited time only. The expansions include FutureCZ, Retro Electro, Dark Element and more!

The following packs are now only £6.95 GBP / $8 USD each:

  • Casiology: Expect an authentic ’80s Synthwave sound.
  • Dark Element: D Product delivers a collection of patches geared towards Drum and Bass.
  • Deep Space: Cinematic presets best suited for Sci-Fi sound production as well as Ambient, Electronica, Drum & Bass, Dub Techno and more.
  • Digital Nostalgia: Xenos Soundworks brings sounds imbued with a clear old-school personality.
  • FutureCZ: Uncovers and showcases the modern flavors of the retro-classic synth.
  • Retro Electro: Warm polyphonic keys, neon leads, phat basses and fx crafted by Scott Diaz for a perfect ’80s retro sound.
  • Sub Tropics: Dom Kane’s collection features pumping basses, slick leads, classic keys, stabs and FX.
  • Sunshine State: Warm basses, classic keyboards, driving leads and uplifting strings and brass sounds by Da Sunlounge.

The offer expires Jaunary 3rd, 2020.

More information: Plugin Boutique