Sonible has announced a sale on smart:EQ 2, offering a 55% discount on the intelligent equalizer that enhances detail, clarity and transparency of your mixes after only a few tweaks.

Sonible smartEQ 2

smart:EQ 2 is a state-of-the-art equalizer with built-in AI engine. smart:EQ 2 brings unique AI algorithms with the latest research in psychoacoustics and decades of mixing and mastering experience together. Compared to his predecessor smart:EQ+ the feature set has been extended significantly which also called for a complete redesign of the user interface.

smart:EQ 2 analyzes your audio material and generates a custom filter curve to create a natural sounding tonal balance. Add clarity to your mixes, more punch to single tracks or carve out the harsh parts of your vocal recordings – in seconds and with unprecedented precision. smart:EQ 2 enhances the detail, clarity, and character of your audio track after only a few tweaks. Experience a mixing workflow much faster than ever before.

smart:EQ 2 is on sale for only 59 USD/EUR from Sonible and distributor Plugin Boutique until December 1st, 2109 (regular 129 USD/EUR).

Users of frei:raum or smart:EQ+ can upgrade for just 29 USD/EUR during the promotion.