Plugin Boutique has launched a new Exclusive Bundles+ title, offering a 60% discount on a collection of plugins for restoring your audio.

The Audio Restoration Bundle combines two industry-leading collections of restoration software, resulting in a group of world-class plugins built for tackling any scenario with impaired audio.

After de-clicking, de-humming, de-noising and de-clipping with this unique package, your audio will never have sounded clearer.

Included is Acon Digital’s flagship Restoration Suite. This array of groundbreaking plugins will professionally reduce noise and restore your audio with a level of transparency and simplicity that will make these your go-to restoration plugins.

The equally impressive RX Elements from iZotope offers an alternative approach. Featuring a standalone audio editor and spectral editing, you can hone in on precise artifacts in the audio, allowing you to accurately eradicate issues and restore your sound.

Combined, the Restoration Suite and RX Elements offer a multitude of approaches to repairing damaged audio.

The Audio Restoration Bundle is exclusive to Plugin Boutique, priced at £74.95 GBP / $99 USD.

More information: Audio Restoration Bundle