SampleTekk has launched a sale on selected instrument libraries, offering a 60% discount for a limited time.

Sampletekk sale 26

SampleTekk Sale

  • INIL Choir – The classic “I’m not in love” choir samples!
  • Pump Organ – A small, simple organ with tons of charm! Nothing you would play the Toccata on, but try some Tom Waits songs!
  • ST Harpsichord – This harpsichord was recorded in Studio Kuling using two Neuman KM84 microphones. The instrument was sampled in thirds, (C, D#, F# and A) in each octave.
  • ST Marimba – This Marimba has all notes (A1-C6) sampled in stereo. No less then 8 velocities/note makes this Marimba one of the largest sampled marimbas on the market today.
  • ST Pianet – It’s a small electric piano that has a rather weird way of producing sounds!
  • ST Virginal – A virginal is a smaller and simpler rectangular form of the harpsichord with only one string per note running more or less parallel to the keyboard on the long side of the case.
  • TR Jr – This is a scaled down version of the MkI seventy three, but still has 16 samples/note. All whole notes are sampled.
  • Worra’s Prophet – This collection of synth basses, pads, and lead sounds. If you thought you had plenty of analog synth sounds…wait until you hear these!

The sale ends March 26th, 2017.

More information: SampleTekk