Plugin Boutique is offering 60% off on Radio, the plugin and standalone software that allows you to easily capture samples from internet radio stations.

PIB Radio 12 USD

You can use Radio to listen to some unusual audio and wait for inspiration to strike. It comes with a deliberately diverse and unusual directory of radio stations.

Once you launch Radio, you select from a carefully curated list of online stations. Radio stations focus on diversity, which will keep you coming back for new inspirational material. It includes comedy, sci-fi, police scanners, ambient, spoken word, paranormal and many more.

Radio records the last 30 seconds of any streamed material. Once you hear something you like, select it, save it, and drag it into your DAW. Finding new samples and loops to inspire your music has never been done like this before!

The onboard FX section lends Radio the authentic air of real consumer equipment, with 24 processors to make your feed sound like it’s coming through a genuine tube radio speaker, car stereo, phone or other device.

Radio (VST/AU/AAX) is on sale for £9.95 GBP / $12 USD until January 6th, 2020.

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