VST Buzz has announced a sale on the AizerX – Modern Designer Toolkit, offering 65% off on the Kontakt instrument library by Keepforest.

AizerX comes with 4GB of hybrid scoring sound design tools and powerful sound design engines, offering unlimited high quality sound design random possibilities.

“AizerX Modern Designer Toolkit” delivers a collection of stylish, ultra-modern custom sound effects for the latest trending modern music genres at the moment based on a thorough music market trend research.

With the participation of professional musicians, sound designers, sound engineers, Keepforest recorded strings, percussions, guitars, basses and many more instruments. They literally played and experimented in the world of sounds, creating the library’s uniqueness and signature.

The library includes:

  • 10 Trailer Hip-Hop, Trap Kits.
  • 10 Trailer Drive Rock kits.
  • 10 Modern Hybrid Kits.
  • 16 Modern Trailer Sub Hits.
  • 103 Modern Trailer Hits: 60 Hybrid Hits Full, 43 Hybrid Hits + Whooshes, 38 Slow Motion Hits.
  • 19 Tonal Hits.
  • 15 Sub Tonal Hits.
  • 19 Distortion Basses.
  • 28 Braams.
  • 24 Signals.
  • 14 Risers.
  • 10 Mid Bender Sound design Elements.
  • 68 Sub Benders: 4 Distortion Layers, 9 High Layers, 15 Low Layers, 14 Mid Layers, 6 Noise Layers, 12 Pre-Whoosh Layers.
  • 34 Sub Full: 26 Distortion Basses, 8 Sub Benders.
  • 13 Downers.

The Kontakt library is on sale for 89 EUR through September 15th, 2020 (regular $299 USD).

More information: VST Buzz