Triple Spiral Audio has announced the launch of a fundraiser sale. For a limited time only you can purchase selected sound libraries at a 66% discount and all the proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross.

Triple Spiral Audio Fundraiser

With the current situation of COVID-19 getting a grip on most of the countries in this world, I have decided to start a fundraising for the Red Cross.

Why the Red Cross? The Red Cross is active with thousands of volunteers (me included) on the ground to help out the people in direct need. From doing shoppings for the ones sick and in quarantaine, delivering medicines, advice, logistics and much much more. These actions make a difference.

I am doing a fundraising with 3 libraries now and this may be expanded (or swapped) in the upcoming weeks. All the 3 libraries for the fundraising are 66% off their normal price and all the proceeds go directly to the Red Cross.

The following products are currently part of the promotion:

The fundraiser will run for at least two weeks and you can check for updates on donation on the Triple Spiral Audio Facebook page.

More information: Triple Spiral Audio