VST Buzz has launched a sale on the Klavier Bundle, offering a 70% discount on two virtual piano instruments from Audio Imperia’s “Private Stock Instruments” series.

The bundle includes the Gravitas and Red Planet Piano instruments for Kontakt.

“The Klavier Bundle” is a unique duo of hybrid piano instruments specifically designed for Epic Trailer Music, Underscore and Hybrid Orchestral Cues.

Combining the very best of the worlds of raw/organic recordings and post-production/sound design these instruments will bring you instant inspiration!

Klavier Bundle features

  • Klavier – Red Planet Piano
    • High definition audio quality, 10.08 GB installed.
    • 6 Stereo Mic Positions (Organic Piano).
    • Electric Guitar with 3 Round Robin and 3 Velocity Layers.
    • Boutique Amp & FX Sounds (including DI signal, the dry guitar sound so that you can shape your own guitar sound or even re-amp the guitar yourself).
  • Klavier – Gravitas Piano
    • High definition audio quality, 12.08 GB installed.
    • 6 Stereo Mic Positions (Organic Piano).
    • 35 Sound Design Presets.

The libraries feature a custom Kontakt engine with three independent FX pages, and individual patches for each of the presets. Requires full version of Kontakt 5.5.145 or higher.

The Klavier Bundle is on sale for only 79 EUR until April 10th, 2018.

More information: VST Buzz