Loopmasters has announced a limited time sale on the Melodic Techno 2 sample pack by Oliver Schmitt aka Sounds of Revolution.

Expect dreamy, unique, comforting atmospheres, gently haunting grooves and a rhythm fitting with a delicious mojito just fine. It certainly goes without saying that this long awaited follow-up to the critically acclaimed initial release delivers all you so rightfully expect from an expert sound designer – and yet so much more:

Carefully crafted, perfectly sorted for instand usability and of course gently treated with the latest’n’greatest analogue gear & toys in sound design this package leaves nothing to be desired. Many loops are served in different flavours (dry/wet effect versions, construction kits etc) to be instantly inspiring.

Regularly £44.95 GBP, the full pack is on sale for just £11.24 GBP through August 26th, 2020. Parts are also sold separately.

More information: Resonance Sound