Audio Plugin Deals has launched a sale on the LEM Echo Music plugin by Martinic, offering a 77% discount on the tape delay effect modeled after the Italian LEM Echo Music.

The LEM Echo Music from Martinic is a precisely modeled plugin that emulates the classic Italian tape delay often used with combo organs in the 60s and 70s.

Now available as a standalone FX unit, use it to create unique effects on any audio track including vocals, guitars, drums, and more!

LEM Echo Music features

  • Same tape delay as in Elka Panther plug-in.
  • 3 playheads at 80 ms, 210 ms, and 330 ms.
  • 7 delay tap combinations.
  • Total tape loop length 9.5 s.
  • Authentic wow and flutter.
  • Wet mix and feedback controls.
  • 2-channel mixer with bass/treble tone controls.
  • Vintage VU meter.
  • Tape age control.
  • Same reverb as in Elka Panther plug-in.
  • Master volume control.

The plugin is on sale for only $9 USD until June 30th, 2022 (regular $39 USD). It comes in VST and AU formats for Windows and Mac.

A purchase includes $9 USD in rewards for use in the APD Shop, alongside a free copy of the HALO Lite virtual instrument by DHPlugins and DC Breaks ($25 USD value).

More information: Audio Plugin Deals