VST Buzz has announced a two-week deal on the Hybrid Elements CORE sample library by Master Sampling, offering over 90% off the regular price.

Aimed at cinematic music such as action movies, cinematic trailers, underscore, and video games, the sound design library features over 100 Kontakt patches including hits and swipes, percussion, tonal sounds and effects. Wav files are also included for use without Kontakt.

“Hybrid Elements CORE” is a powerful and flexible hybrid sound design sample library aimed primarily at Film, TV & Video Game composers.

It brings an extensive range of playable sounds including Hits, Swipes, Percussion, Tonal and Effects samples to your arsenal that provide everything you need to take those epic tracks to an entirely new level!

Hybrid Elements CORE features

  • Over 4GB of content.
  • 101 Patches in 5 Categories.
  • Sampled in 24bits with 1,400 unique sounds available.
  • Categories: Hits and Swipes, Percussion (Subfolders Ensemble and Solo), Tonal (Subfolders Ambient and Keys), Effects, User Instruments.
  • “Empty Start” instrument in the “User Instruments” folder. In the Kontakt interface you will be able to add your own WAV files and create your unique instruments.
  • Sound Shaping Tools: Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release, Cutoff.
  • Effects: Reverb, Transpose, FR Booster, FR Reducer, Distortion, Stereo Width.
  • All of the controls can be assigned to a hardware controller using the standard Kontakt MIDI Learn feature.

The sample library is on sale for only 9 EUR through March 24th, 2021 (regular 99 EUR).

More information: VST Buzz