Plugin Boutique has launched another exclusive limited time 3-for-10 Bundle, offering a 95% discount on 3 best-selling synth and FX plugins to level up your production game.

SoundSpot’s Union combines the best of analogue modelling and digital precision with a range of pads, plucks, leads, percussion elements and transitions plus in-depth control over every aspect of your sound.

W.A. Production’s Combustor provides a unique way to create personalized compressor timbres as well as add character and crunch to your audio, all within a single plugin.

Lastly, SynthMaster 2 Player is a synth that contains over 2000 factory sounds, targeted toward users who prefer to use presets rather than designing their own.

The bundle is available to purchase for $10 USD until August 14th, 2022.

More information: Plugin Boutique