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Beatstruggles courses is your source for premium courses, and free tutorials regarding FL Studio.

Beatstruggles is founded by GratuiTous, and was started in 2011

Beatstruggles premium courses

  • Foundational Drum Loop Basics — This course covers what all goes into making a solid drum loop, touching on sound placement, sound selection, and precision editing with volume and panning.
  • All About Filters — Just when you felt your productions couldn’t get any better, there’s something I’d like to introduce to you. They’re called filters – Go ahead, look them up on YouTube. But the way I explain things, you get real world practice of these, rather than just a “simple tutorial”.
  • Organized Audio Business — This is an E-Book guided course. What this means is you read the E-Book until it tells you to STOP! and watch a video. When the video is complete, continue to read until the next video. This course is geared to the back-end of production, learning about automation, and growing your brand.
  • A Specific Music Production Folder — If you’ve ever had an error message telling you, “Missing Files”, then this video will show how to organize yourself for the long-term.

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