Plugin Boutique has launched an exclusive sale on the Orchestral Companion Strings virtual instrument by Sonivox.

Sonivox Orchestral Companion Strings

They’re lush. They’re dramatic. They’re emotionally evocative. Nothing sets the mood like well-done ensemble strings in the hands of a skilled composer/arranger/producer.

The key, of course, is “well-done,” and you’re sunk before you start if your strings sound like screechy steel cables instead of a rich, silky, expressive string ensemble.

We’ll never let that happen to you. That was our mindset when we created Orchestral Companion Strings.

The SONiVOX design team has produced over 90 outstanding string programs, each one meticulously crafted to deliver as accurate and convincing an experience as possible. Your productions deserve nothing less.

Orchestral Companion Strings features

  • State-of-the-art captures of world-class string ensembles.
  • 24-bit, dual velocity patches provide expressive textures.
  • Over 9 GB of content including diverse articulations & bow techniques.
  • 90+ patches covering string ensembles and sectionals.
  • Section Strings using Violins, Violas, Cellos, and Contrabasses.
  • Keyboard mod wheel swells volume for intense dynamics.
  • Internal FX, LFOs and envelopes for unlimited creative freedom.
  • 32 & 64-bit; VST, AU, RTAS, and AAX.

Orchestral Companion Strings is available for just £1 GBP until December 31st, 2016.

The Premier Collection Upgrade is also on sale at over 60% off.

The bundle includes TimewARP 2600, Twist, Wobble, Orchestral Companion Instruments, and SONiVOX Singles.

Sonivox Premier Collection upgrade

You’re the composer / producer who can’t be limited. You can’t be restricted to a certain creative style or constrained by conventional artistic boundaries. You need it all—every inventive tool you can get your hands on.

Premier Collection by Sonivox is for you. This collection has it all… Every Orchestral instrument you can imagine, vibrant, lifelike piano, the full spectrum of dynamic percussion sounds, Hip Hop stylings and every electronic effect there is, including all the synth, grunge and grime you’ll ever need. It’s all here, perfectly organized, easy to use and ready to go.

The upgrade is available to owners of ANY Sonivox product. The sale ends January 31st, 2017.

More information: Plugin Boutique / Sonivox