Audio Plugin Deals has launched a sale on the Slam 2 audio plugin by BeatSkillz, offering over 80% off on the “Beat Phattener” channel strip effect for the next two weeks.

Delivering a punchy, clear, and wide sound, the easy to use plugin is designed to work well on tracks, buses, as well as mixes.

SLAM2 is designed to hide the complex and great-sounding processing behind the scenes and present a simple and inspiring Interface that is very intuitive and has all controls needed to “Phatten” Channel, Drums, Vocals, Synths, or an entire mix with just a few controls. Behind this simple interface lies very very complex processing.

Available in VST3, AU and AAX plugin formats, Slam 2 is only $9 USD until April 21st, 2021 (regular $40 USD).

More information: Audio Plugin Deals