The Loop Loft has launched a sale on selected drum libraries, offering over 80% off for a limited time only.

The Loop Loft 80 off

For the next 2 days (until 11/24), I’m offering over 80% off some of my best-selling loop packs.

Check them out below and then use discount code ANDR80HYPE at checkout to get 80% off any product below… but hurry, this is a one-time offer.

The Loop Loft sale

  • Wide Open Drums $8 USD (regular $39 USD).
    Get the unmistakable realness of live drum loops and samples into your DAW.
  • Dry Drums Vol 1 – Vol 5 $10 USD (regular $49 USD).
    Get the punchy, fat sound of “dry drums” with the Dry Drums series. Vintage mics, preamps and fully dampened heads.
  • From The Garage Vol 1 & 2 $8 USD (regular $39 USD).
    We captured the unique, powerful sounds found in the garage and turned them into a hugely popular loop library.
  • Linear Drums MIDI $6 USD (regular $29 USD).
    Linear drumming: a style where no two limbs strike the drums and cymbals at the same time. Highly unique patterns and loops.

Use coupon code ANDR80HYPE at checkout. The sale ends November 24th, 2016.

More information: The Loop Loft