Plugin Boutique has announced a sale on Sound Yeti, offering a discount of up to 25% off regular on two Kontakt instruments for a limited time.

The Method 1 virtual drum machine by Sound Yeti is 10,000+ drum sounds combined with today’s most powerful tools for making chart-topping Hip Hop, Trap, Rap, OG, EDM or any modern drum grooves.

The most authentic beat-making experience without soul and groove crushing complexity. Now available and ready to groove instantly, Method 1 is made for the modern producer looking to find an edge.

Method 1 runs in the free Kontakt 6 Player. It is on sale for $129 USD.

Collision FX delivers an exceptional palette of sounds to design, compose, score, sweeten and create astonishingly impressive cinematic elements.

Create breathtaking cinematic dynamics, hybrid sound effects and orchestrated elements with ease.

Collision FX is $149 USD during the promotion. This library runs in free the Kontakt 5 Player or higher.

The offer expires June 1st, 2020.

More information: Sound Yeti