Native Instruments has announced a sale on Output, offering up to 57% off on three virtual instruments and an exclusive bundle.

From deep-sampled hybrid bass and strings to uniquely powerful modulated patches, Output’s instruments are renowned for stunning and unconventional sound.

This very special offer includes three of Output’s groundbreaking NKS-ready instruments – Substance, Analog Strings, and Signal – and an exclusive bundle featuring three additional expansions.

Output instruments

  • Substance – Powerful hybrid bass
    A highly acclaimed bass instrument, combining processed electric and acoustic bass, live brass, analog synths, and more into 300+ boundary-pushing patches.
  • Analog Strings – Uniquely modulated strings
    String orchestras, vintage synths, and more power this creative one-of-a-kind instrument. Modulation, loopers, arpeggiators, and sequencing allow unprecedented manipulation of the 39 GB library.
  • Signal – Unprecedented sound and sequencing
    Fat analog synths and exquisitely recorded live instruments combine in an astonishing creative engine. Control four independent parts, each with modulation, sequencing, and much more.

The bundle of all three instruments is on sale for only $299 USD. Each of the instruments is also available separately at 50% off during the sale.

The offer expires March 31st, 2018.

More information: Native Instruments