Plugin Boutique has announced another exclusive 12 Days of Christmas Sale, offering discounts of up to 57% off regular on the Factory modular synth and Guitarist virtual rhythm guitar from Sugar Bytes.

Factory is a modular synthesizer for complex and organic sounds.

Choose from the most particular synthesis methods, let yourself be charmed by the Matrix and morph between the most improbable variations of your sound. Four sequencers are pulling the strings behind the curtain. Factory is polyphonic supersonics!

Guitarist is a virtual guitar that’s designed to emulate rhythm parts played on an electric guitar.

The actual guitar player has been transformed into a step sequencer system with a huge level of customization when it comes to chords or fingering patterns and a detailed control over authentic nuance and expression.

The plugins are on sale for only $59 USD each until January 13th, 2020.

Other Sugar Bytes plugins are up to 50% off the regular price in a Holiday Sale, starting from $49 USD. This offer expires January 3rd.

More information: Sugar Bytes