Plugin Boutique has announced an “Analog Emulations” sale on Pulsar Audio, offering up to 60% off on its audio plugins for a few days only.

Huge discounts on Pulsar Audio products including their vintage Echorec delay and the classic Urei 1176 emulating Smasher. Save up to 60% in our exclusive Analog Emulations sale!

The sale includes the following products:

  • Mu $59 USD (regular $149 USD): The most faithful emulation of a modern yet legendary tube compressor/limiter – perfect glue for mixing and mastering.
  • W495 $49 USD (regular $99 USD): An accurate emulation of a time-honoured 3-bands EQ.
  • Smasher $25 USD (regular $49 USD): Straightforward but extreme “British Mode” compression of a uniquely modified 1176.
  • Massive $99 USD (regular $149 USD): The most complete passive EQ plugin. Musical and intuitive, a must-have for mixing and mastering.
  • Pulsar 1178 $99 USD (regular $149 USD): A perfectly emulated and enhanced FET compressor. Fast, characterful and versatile, it is the ultimate control for modern mixes.
  • Pulsar 8200 $99 USD (regular $149 USD): A faithful emulation of the legendary GML 8200 designed by George Massenburg.
  • Echorec $69 USD (regular $99 USD): The Pulsar Echorec is a software emulation of the iconic echo/delay unit of the same name produced by the Italian brand Binson in the 1960s.

The offer is valid until July 3rd, 2024.

More information: Plugin Boutique