Native Instruments has launched a limited time offer on selected u-he virtual instruments and effects.

Diva and Repro are on sale for 89.50 USD/EUR and 74.50 USD/EUR, respectively.

We’ve teamed up with u-he for the first time ever to bring you an exclusive offer: Get Diva and Repro each at 50% off, or buy both synths and four hand-picked effects for a special price of 279,00 €.

The bundle comprising Diva, Repro, Satin, Colour Copy, Twangström, and Presswerk is on sale for only 279 USD/EUR (regular value 724 EUR).

For the first time, you can save over 60% on u-he’s innovative Diva and Repro synths, alongside four exciting effects – Satin, Colour Copy, Twangström, and Presswerk. Their powerful synths and effects have long been the ace-up-the-sleeve for artists and producers in the know – and now the secret is out.

This special offer is valid until February 17th, 2019, at the NI Online Shop.

More information: Native Instruments