Native Instruments has launched a promotion on Orchestral Tools, offering savings of up to 63% off regular on its virtual instruments and bundles.

Find inspiration with detailed symphonic instruments from Orchestral Tools. Save now on three paired libraries, each perfectly matched to suit a specific mood and style.

Or if you’re looking for that missing piece in your composing collection, pick up each instrument at half price.

Three bundle deals are available:

  • Berlin Orchestra Inspire 1 & 2 – 63% off
    Turn your compositions into reality as quickly as possible with Berlin Inspire 1 & 2: Two highly detailed, fast composition tools, each packed with phenomenal sound. With orchestral instrumentation from across the board, these wide-reaching libraries will make sure you never lose that creative spark again.
  • Metropolis Ark 1 & 2 – 63% off
    Inspired by a monumental film from early cinematic history, Orchestral Tools set out to create two bold and boundary-breaking instruments. Metropolis Ark 1 captures the epic sound only a live professional orchestra can create, whilst Metropolis Ark 2 focuses on intense, darker textures from the symphonic depths.
  • Metropolis Ark 3 & 4 – 62% off
    Metropolis Ark 3 & 4 are the yin and yang of orchestral power. Metropolis Ark 3 is the new heartbeat of your compositions, tackling pounding percussion head-on. Metropolis Ark 4 takes a subtler approach, emphasizing its energy by unconventionally blending ensembles of instruments into one pure sound.

The offer expires October 6th, 2019.

More information: Native Instruments