Time+Space has launched a new round of weekly specials on selected Big Fish Audio sample libraries, offering discount up to 70% off for one week only.

Big Fish Audio Cyborg sale

The sale includes:

  • Gypsy Fiesta (50% off) – When The Gipsy Kings invaded the airwaves in the late 1980s, the sound of Southern French and Catalan Gypsy Rumba took over the world by storm. Millions of fans discovered centuries of tradition that had taken birth in the small communities of Arles and Montpellier, France. French American producer Josquin des Pres grew up in the south of France, the epicentre of this now popular music genre, popularised initially by the legendary Jose Reyes and Manitas de Plata.
  • Cyborg (50% off) – Cyborg is a hybrid Virtual Instrument that combines organic sound sources and live instruments with cutting-edge synth effects and sound design techniques. The sound of Cyborg is part-human and part-machine. Some sounds are rough and imperfect – others, carefully programmed and precise. Cyborg’s sonic palette ranges from harsh and aggressive to suspenseful, mysterious, and at times, hauntingly beautiful.
  • Brush Artistry 2 (60% off) – Brush Artistry 2 is a modernised follow up to the classic Brush Artistry collection of loops containing beautifully recorded drums played with brushes. The nearly 3 Gig collection contains 68 drum loop construction kits, each with a plethora of variations and fills for your music.
  • 1970’s Funk and Soul (70% off) – 1970s Retro Funk and Soul features live drums, electric bass, funk guitars, electric sitar, Hammond organ, Hohner E7 clavinet, congas, hand percussion, and a big-ass horn section (trumpets, tenor saxes, trombones, bari sax, plus alto and soprano flutes). The loops are loaded with authentic 1970’s-style character and performed by old-school Funk & Soul musicians who’ve been playing this style of music for over 40 years.

The sale ends November 8th, 2018.

More information: Time+Space