Plugin Boutique has announced an exclusive sale on Stagecraft Software, with discounts of up to 85% off regular on the unique audio plugins by the software company based in San Francisco.

Stagecraft Software 85 BG

Stagecraft focuses on bringing audio software into the future by getting away from hardware look-alike interfaces and towards more intuitive, responsive UI.

The sale includes Compressor, EchoThief, Glitch Machine, LaunchCraft, Loop Lab, Vinyl Lab, Theremin, Universal Plug, RingMod, Scratch Track, XFade, Picante, MadMod, Overdrive 5 and the popular Addiction Synth.

Our new synth is a professional, versatile, subtractive synthesizer. It can be easily made to sound like anything from a sweet, light organ, to a sharp, funky clav. There are multiple voices, velocity sensitivity, mono/polyphonic switching, versatile LFOs and filter, and effects. In short, everything you would expect with any of the most professional synths.

Prices start from £4.95 GBP / $6 USD. The sale ends December 9th, 2019.

More information: Stagecraft Software