The Loop Loft has launched another round of Weekend Deals, offering up to 90% off selected sample packs and bundles, and a free copy of the Fistful of Fills Bundle ($145 USD value) with any purchase.

The Loop Loft Weekend Deals Fistful of Fills

Summer is heating up and these Weekend Deals are hotter than ever. Receive Fistful of Fills ($145.00 value) for free with any purchase and save up to 90% on seven hand picked Loop Loft libraries.

The Loop Loft Weekend Deals

  • Omar Hakim Drums Bundle on sale for $27 USD.
    This massive bundle features 467 unique grooves, fills and breakdowns in a variety of styles including funk, hip hop, fusion, rock, cinematic and pop. In addition, the multitrack drum sessions give you access up to 19 channels of separate audio tracks, allowing you to mix every element of Omar’s drum kit, including kick, snare, toms, overheads and room mics.
  • Nate Smith Drums Vol 1 on sale for $19 USD.
    Known for his deep pocket, explosive dynamics and ability to adapt to any musical situation, Nate Smith had become one of the most in-demand drummers across a multitude of genres including funk, jazz, pop and hip hop.
  • Dry Drums Volume 5 on sale for $19 USD.
    Over a year in the making, Dry Drums Volume 5 takes punchy, fat and dry drums to the next level. The largest library in the popular Dry Drums Series, Volume 5 features hundreds of live drum grooves organized into six complete sessions.
  • Everything But Sticks Bundle on sale for $29 USD.
    By using a wide variety of brushes, mallets, bundles, kitchen utensils and even our bare hands, we were able to pull out an entire range of timbres and dynamics from the drum kit that sticks simply can’t produce.
  • Drum Direktor FNK-4 on sale for $39 USD.
    A revolutionary loop player, step sequencer, drum pad player, effects unit and mixing station, all in one instrument.
  • Long Loops MIDI Bundle on sale for $69 USD.
    With a range of long loops including indie rock, experimental, cinematic, songwriter, linear and many other styles, this bundle is a must for anyone producing music with MIDI drum sounds.
  • Flipped Drums Bundle on sale for $18 USD.
    Ready to go beyond breakbeats? We just flipped the drum world in every direction but the usual 2 & 4 backbeats. The Flipped Drums series is an entire collection of loops and samples focused on live drum grooves, but flipped on their head, putting an entirely new syncopated dimension into your next production.

These Weekend Deals are available until July 24th, 2017.

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