It’s another batch of weekend deals at The Loop Loft. This week you can save up to 90% off drum loops by Matt Chamberlain, the Maschine Kit Bundle, and drums and percussion by Celso Alberti.

The Loop Loft Weekend Deals Linear MID Drum Bundle

I wanted to try and make your day more awesome and give you over $120 in FREE loops when you purchase anything this weekend. Sounds to good to be true? It’s not.
You’ll receive our Linear Drums MIDI Bundle and both of our Beats Like Bonham Multitrack libraries. This offer will automatically be presented at checkout.

Weekend Deals

  • Matt Chamberlain Drums Bundle – Recorded at Chamberlain’s personal Cyclops Studio inside of the famed Sound City complex in Van Nuys, California, the Matt Chamberlain Drums bundle gives you instant access to both Volume 1 and Volume 2 of the Matt Chamberlain Artist Series libraries.
  • Four On The Floor Drum Bundle – Featuring twelve complete sessions (and twelve sampled drum kits), this massive bundle provides endless amounts of grooves and sounds, all recorded on live drum kits. The result? The perfect loops and samples for layering over programmed and electronic kits, putting the “human” feel back into your tracks.
  • Celso Alberti’s Brazilian Drums and Percussion bundle offers instant access to the largest and most expansive collection of Brazilian grooves and samples ever produced.
  • Maschine Kit Bundle includes 33 MASCHINE Kits, giving you instant access to these incredible custom libraries that include blues, indie rock, brazilian percussion, cinematic hits, brushes, jazz drums, slide guitar and more.
  • Track Stacks Bundle puts an entire drum and percussion ensemble at your fingertips, bringing a completely new dimension to any production with 8 layers of rhythm and instruments in every groove.
  • Everything But Sticks Bundle, a collection of loops and samples that take a new and fresh approach to grooves on the drum set, recorded using a wide variety of brushes, mallets, bundles, kitchen utensils and even bare hands.
  • Cinematic Drums Bundle provides you with a vast treasure trove of truly unique and inspiring rhythms and textures. Download the bundle today and add an extra dimension to your next creative composition!

The sale ends Monday May 1st, 2017.

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