Scarbee Imperial Drums XL

Scarbee Imperial Drums (SID) XL builds on the roots of the first Imperial Drums release, adding a wealth of amazing new features and a new ‘virtual home’ in the form of Steinberg’s cutting edge HALion Player virtual sampler.

Scarbee’s approach to drum sampling is to get as much detail as possible from a selection of drums, making it possible to create authentic sounding grooves, or any other kind of sound, thanks to the direct-to-disk concept, where the drums are recorded dry without any coloration other than what is naturally imparted by the room, mics and preamps.


  • 51 different drums from renowned manufacturers; 3 bass drums, 7 Snare Drums, 3 sets of Toms, 3 Hi Hats, 4 Ride Cymbals, a full set of Cymbals (2 Chinas, 3 Splashes, 4 Crashes) and some cool additions
  • 13 different stick types; 3 beater types for bass drums
  • Multitrack to Multiple outputs version of each drum
  • Stereo mixdown versions of each drum in different fashions
  • Extremely long samples recorded in 88.2 KHz / 24 Bit resolution, released at 44.1 KHz / 24 Bit
  • Tons of Midi groove files already included and customized for SID-XL
  • ModWheel, KeySwitch and Midi CC technique switch and positional control
  • GM compatible mapping version of every drum
  • Roland™ V-Drums™ support
  • Disk Streaming Sample-Based Virtual Instrument included (Steinberg™ HALion Player™ 3.2)
  • Stand Alone, Rewire, VST, DXi and Audio Units supported
  • 256 Voices per instance, 16-way multi-timbral, 2 stereo outputs, 12 mono outputs
  • Sample/accurate timing and automation thanks to perfect VST integration
  • Total recall: all samples are saved with your song, including their respective settings
  • Programs can be deeply edited and saved by owners of the full fledged Steinberg™ HALion™ 3.2 (or better) sampler
  • Minimum Memory requirements as low as 512 MB for the stereo kits (1 GB for multi channel kits). For Example: one Multi channel Kit with Large drums requires just 180 MB of RAM in our tests with 0.20 secs preload (subject to disk drive performance)
  • Steinberg™ RAM SAVE™ technology allows for big savings in terms of RAM once the drum part has been laid down

Until december 5 (official release date) a special PREORDER price of only $249 is offered for Scarbee Imperial Drums XL Virtual Instrument (46 GB of quality drum samples). Normal price will be $299 and upgrade price for owners of Imperial Drums sample library will be $149.

Check the Scarbee site for more information.