Scarbee Black Bass

Scarbee has released Black Bass, a 2.8GB sample library for Kontakt.

The Scarbee Black Bass was recorded with flatwound strings to get the warm and creamy sound of the 70s disco and funk bass lines, and D.I. to give maximum flexibility in the sound production. It features an extensive set of playing techniques.


  • Real-time playable – with the exception of cross hammering and trills all of the articulations in the list given further below can be triggered without the need for any keyswitches
  • A powerful user interface pushing the Kontakt user interface to its limits
  • All four strings sampled, each string is monophonic so new notes abort earlier notes, giving a perfectly realistic bass
  • Automatic string selection – play and the script selects the most suitable string for you.
  • Automatic alternation of right hand index and middle finger samples (can also be controlled using keyswitches)
  • Convenient keyswitch mode – a keyswitch affects the following note or remains active as long as it’s pressed – making it easy to quickly return to the default mode of operation
  • Slide mode – play a note legato while holding the sustain pedal pressed to trigger a slide
  • Chord mode – makes it possible for notes to be automatically assigned to the right strings even if the notes of a chord don’t arrive exactly at the same time
  • Control over release samples – random alternation between more or less tight (how quickly they are dampened) release samples where the proportion of each can be controlled by the user
  • Pickup-hits – randomly inserted where they are most likely to occur in real-life playing
  • The sound of Mr. Scarbee’s own fingers
  • Bass recorded DI to give you maximum flexibility in the sound production
  • EQ and Effect Presets – direct in the instrument user interface
  • Integrated documentation for all settings – direct in the instrument user interface

Scarbee Black Bass is now available for purchase at $99 (ex VAT).

Visit Scarbee for more information and audio/video demos.