Scarbee has released Classic EP-88s, an electric piano instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt Player.

Scarbee Classic EP 88s

Scarbee Classic EP-88s has more samples, greater dynamics and more keys – 88 of them! And everyone who have tried to restore and instrument like this knows that the lowest and highest octaves takes as much time as the rest of the keys together – its a true battle where you need a lot of patience, lots of spare parts and some luck too.

We wanted to have the best possible sustain on each key, perfect balance of tone and as much bark too. There are harder strikes (compared to Scarbee Mark 1) – as well as softer ones.

We spend enourmous amount of time cleaning the samples for noise – each sample went through four rounds, where the last two was done in hand. The reason for this was the fact that we wanted to be able to offer presets with extreme treble EQ settings without having extra noise – and without hurting any part of the recordings.

Classic EP-88s features

  • True Horizontal Release Sample Technology.
  • Flexible on-board effects with alternate routings.
  • 88 keys, 30 velocities and 8294 samples.
  • 45 Snapshot Presets.
  • 117 FX Presets.
  • 13.61 GB.

Scarbee Classic EP-88s is available for purchase for the introductory price of 99 EUR until December 31st, 2016 (regular 119 EUR).

More information: Scarbee / Classic EP-88s