Schaack Audio Technologies has released version 2.10 of Quad v2.10, a Digital Vinyl Systems (DVS) for Windows and Mac.

Changes in Quad v2.10

  • Changed text “Reset Channel Filt/EQ/Gain on load” in Preferences to “Reset Channel EQ & Filt on load”.
  • Fixed: GUI bug: (OS X only) Window could jump behind menu bar.
  • Fixed: Album would not be stored in internal database.
  • Fixed: GUI Bug: MIDI Output could not be selected in Preferences if too many MIDI Inputs would be listed in the MIDI Inputs List Box.
  • Added: Ogg Vorbis/AIFF/AIF support for reading. Ogg Vorbis Tags cannot be edited.
  • Added: Colour Schemes can now be saved and loaded in Colour Selector.
  • Added: After selecting the Song Folder in the Browser, Quad asks if you want to scan the files in that folder and its subfolders.
  • Added: Rescan Song Folder option in Browser.
  • Added: MIDI Control Settings can now be saved and loaded as separate files.
  • Added: Sorting of Case/Playlists via double-click on Case/Playlist Column header.

Quad 2 is available for Windows and Mac and costs 89 EUR.

Visit Schaack Audio for more information.