Schaack Audio has released version 2.20 of Quad, an open-architecture Digital Vinyl System (DVS).

V2.20 introduces a completely rewritten iTunes-like search function driven by the new Database system that allows to edit metada (tags) for any audio file format. Also includes a new EQ-type called Isolator and some small bug fixes & more new features. Check out the Version History for more information. Also make sure to grab the new V2.20 manual addendum to understand the new concept of Quad’s Database!

Changes in Quad v2.20

  • Completely rewritten database and search function. Displays results while you’re typing and always searches whole database. The new database can hold metadata for any kind of audio format.
  • New EQ-type called “Isolator”, inspired by some very good DJ mixer brand we won’t name :).
  • AU/VST support in FX section on OS X.
  • SYNC state of each Channel is now stored on exit of Quad and loaded back again when Quad restarts.
  • When SYNC button is off and the put on again, Quad “re-syncs” the Channel’s tempo.
  • When a USB-drive/stick is put into the USB-port while running Quad, the Browser will be updated so the drive is listed.
  • In THRU mode, the waveforms and cuepoints disappear.
  • Drag’n’drop from audio files into Quad2’s Channels is now possible from: Explorer (Windows), Finder & iTunes (Mac).
  • Pressing key U on keyboard in the Browser unmarks loaded files and files put into cases (press U twice for complete unmark).
  • Pressing F1/F2/F3/F4 activates/deactivates Cue2 for Channel 1/2/3/4.
  • In Search Box, using UP/DOWN/ENTER may be used to navigate through the songs without leaving Search Box.
  • Knobs are now greyed out when not used (when Filter X-Type is active, or EQ ISO-Type is active).
  • “Invert Phase” option for inverting Phono input phase for being able to use cartridges Shure M-44 and Stanton 500-II.
  • Various changes and fixes.

Quad 2.20 is available for Windows and Mac and costs 89 EUR.

Visit Schaack Audio for more information.