Schulz Audio has announced an update to the RedVerb 2 reverb effect plugin for Windows and Mac.

Schulz Audio RedVerb 2.1

RedVerb 2 is an incredibly versatile reverb effect, which ships with thousands of top of class presets. It’s hybrid engine and well thought out user interface enable intuitive adjustment of all sonic aspects. Classic, modern, experimental. The choice is yours!

Changes in RedVerb 2.1 features

  • It’s now possible to drag one or more folders containing IRs into the preset browser and they will be imported under “User”. The created presets only link to the IRs on your disk, so they won’t be duplicated. You can also drop individual files.
  • The preset / IR name is show in the lower-right corner of the 3D waterfall panel.
  • Using cloud based content delivery network so that the factory library is downloaded faster.
  • Some styling changes.
  • RedVerb can now also be used on mono busses.
  • EQ can now be bypassed for easy A/B comparison.
  • “alt” label in EQ view has now higher contrast.
  • Fixed tooltip texts.
  • EQ control points can now be reset via double click.
  • Added “@far” to the wet level knob to make clear that this is not the dry/wet mix.
  • Initial size is now reduced on smaller screens.
  • Fixed a potential crash.

Reverb 2 is available as a VST/AU/AAX plugin, as well as a standalone application for Windows and Mac. Regularly 199 USD/EUR, you can get it for 39 USD/EUR for a limited time only with coupon code THE-FINAL-COUNTDOWN at the checkout.

More information: Schulz Audio