SDX Sounds has announced the release of Foundations Loop Kit Vol. 2 and Divine Chords Vol. 1, two new sample packs.

SDX Sounds Foundations V2

Foundations Loop Kit Vol. 2 features 6 brand new loop kits.

Foundations Vol. 2 is the next chapter in the hottest collection of never-before-released loop content from Sean Divine.

This kit contains 6 BRAND NEW, royalty-free loop packs spanning all genres including: Hip Hip, R&B, Rock, Chill Step and more! These are straight from Sean Divine’s personal stash of unreleased instrumentals, guaranteed to have you making a new beat or track in minutes.

There is a brand new “Starter Loops” folder which contains original chord progressions and “motifs” to get your writing or producing started quickly.

Foundations Loop Kit Vol. 2 costs $40 USD.

SDX Sounds Divine Chords Vol 1

Divine Chords Vol. 1 features a collection of 7 original chord kits.

Divine Chords is a collection of original samples triggered by melodic chords, using unique and inspiring instruments.

Each of the 7 Chord Kits contains 8 samples each that can be played together to build original chord progressions and provide the musical foundation for your compositions. The samples used come from a variety of hardware / software sources and have been recorded and mixed with unique FX processing to provide one-of-a-kind chord sounds.

No musical training required. Trigger soulful chords with the press of one note.

The Divine Chords pack costs $25 USD.