BOOM Library has released its massive new library Spring, which perfectly captures every aspect of nature during the season.

This latest addition to the Seasons Of Earth series continues BOOM Library’s tradition of providing unmatched 3D audio of pristine recordings uninterrupted by the sounds of humans. Hundreds of hours were recorded and sorted to present this exhaustive set of the spring season’s most interesting and iconic sounds.

“Spring is a really incredible time to be a listener. There is so much change when you come out of winter and everything is pretty dormant,” Matthew Mikkelson, project lead for SEASONS OF EARTH – SPRING, says. “All the birds are migrating and starting to get prepared for a few months of really intense activity, the weather is changing, plants are growing, everything is kind of very fast-paced and very in your face. Spring is very sonically diverse.”

Mikkelson traveled across North America with his custom modified Schoeps ORTF3D Surround rig to capture the most realistic sounds of spring in the most isolated areas imaginable. From the prairies of the Montana highlands and the open fields of the Great Plains to the Florida rainforests, Seasons Of Earth – Spring covers every facet of the season imaginable.

Seasons Of Earth – Spring places the listener directly into nature, amidst a festival of birds or a gentle rain at sunset. The library includes 144 ambiences making up 117 GB (23.46 GB for the stereo and 93.55 GB for the surround) of total spring-time immersion.

Regularly $359 USD/299 EUR, the library is available for the introductory price of $287.20 USD/239.20 EUR until December 21st, 2021. The stereo only version costs $119 USD/99 EUR.

More information: BOOM Library