Seaweed Audio has updated Fathom, a modular synthesizer instrument for Windows. The update includes a new Bezier Curve Oscillator.

Seaweed Audio Fathom Synth

Fathom is a fully modular software synthesizer VST plugin that features a wide variety of audio components, advanced modulation, detuning and distortion capabilities, as well as the ability to draw your own waveforms and import single cycle waveforms from outside sources.

Changes in Fathom Synth v1.0.11

  • Added Bezier Curves to the Wave Draw Oscillator.
  • Envelope and LFO Period dials can now be modulated by other modulators.
  • Ability to copy all audio objects using the new Copy category.
  • Fixed additive spectrum sliders so that dragging over the sliders only changes the ones in the section in which the drag was started.
  • Fixed additive spectrum sliders so that dragging over both the top and bottom moves the sliders to either to maximum or minimum position.
  • Fixed additive spectrum sliders so that a fast drag does not leave blank spaces, instead all the sliders are aligned perfectly in the vertical to the path formed by dragging the mouse.
  • Added Save Default button to Detune page. Hitting this button saves the edited detune voice profile for the oscillator as the default. The default voice profile is used to set all the voice detune parameters when a new oscillator is first added. The voice profile is saved in FathomVoiceMap.xml in the same folder as Fathom.dll. To return to the original default voce profile simply delete the file.
  • Fixed Bug 0001 Volume ADSR for wave draw oscillator clicking, reported by RPH. In this case the click occurred with the wave draw oscillator if the master volume is modulated with an ADSR and a note is held while another one is tapped quickly. This was caused by the ADSR changing volume suddenly in the middle of a waveform cycle for a new note using the same voice. The bug is now fixed by changing the note handling logic so that the waveform cycle of the previous note on the same voice is allowed to finish before starting the next note. Effectively this aligns perfectly the ADSR note edges to waveform cycles thus eliminating the click.
  • Fixed Bug 0002 Wave draw click reported by Diego. The situation is now handled when two notes arrive at the same time in mono mode.
  • Fixed Bug 0009 reported by Solidtrax. Employing noise causes audio to suddenly shut off at the start of a new note. The noise algorithm is now fixed so that managing the start and stop of noise at the voice cycle start and stop does not affect the rest of the voice logic.
  • Fixed Bug 0010 Clicking at the end of notes. Reported by Starflakeprj and RPH. Bug was introduced in version 1.0.10 and is fixed in 1.0.11.
  • Changed the wave table left side default waveforms to improve the sound of the saw tooth. This eliminates the buzzing and improves the overall sound. It also eliminates the spectrum ripples.

Fathom Pro is currently available for Windows (32/64-bit VST), priced at $25 USD.

A monophonic version of Fathom is free to download. It is fully functional and provides all the same features as the professional version, except the number of voices, and it does not allow the saving of individual user edited waveforms.

More information: Fathom Synth