Sixty Four Pixels has launched a crowdfunding campaign to fund a second batch of the Noodlebox Serendipity Sequencer, a compact standalone desktop sequencer with CV/Gate and MIDI support over 4 separate parts.

There are numerous features for stacking and modulation between parts and live playable, on-the-fly manipulation of note cycles, patterns and pattern chains. It was designed from the start to be a source of inspiration for DAW-less jamming, and to be as much of an improvisational instrument as the synths it controls.

Noodlebox is a limited run boutique product, designed and assembled by hand in Brighton, UK. It features a bright, proudly low-res, custom LED matrix display and is housed in a solid enclosure featuring aluminium profiles and solid oak side cheeks.

Noodlebox originally launched in 2020 with a small production run of 250 units after a successful crowdfunding campaign. Due to global component supply issues, it was not possible to follow this up with a second production run until now.

The Batch 2 campaign is currently live on Indiegogo and runs until January 17th, 2023. Each Noodlebox costs £395 GBP to pre-order.