Zebroscillators 2.5 by Sendy (Alexandra Cornhill) is a free collection of oscillator presets for the Zebra virtual synthesizer by u-he.

u-he Zebra

Throughout synthesis history, oscillators have for the most part been something of an afterthought. Sound shaping has typically been done by filtering, DSP, distortion and further processes. But something nagged at me. Like many people, my favourite part of synthesis, the part which made it come alive for me, was functions which affected the raw geometry of the waveform. PWM, oscillator sync, waveshaping – these alter the waveform on a geometric level, providing a very direct way of shaping sound at it’s source.

This is a pack of OSCILLATOR PRESETS for Zebra 2.5, which are all hand-crafted custom wavetables made by me, in which the modwheel steps through the entire table, to allow easy previewing of it’s harmonic evolution. These wavetables take advantage of the way Zebra can morph between two arbitrary waveforms directly using moving breakpoints, with an aim to create interesting variations, transformations and evolutions of classic synth waveforms. These include, but are not limited to, variations of PWM, oscillator sync effects, waveshaping, distortion, serial waves, and waveform morphing. Care has been taken to construct the breakpoints so that at any given time, spectral movement as opposed to crossfading is the predominant feature. (I take issue with crossfades dressed up as morphs!)

Zebroscillators 2.5 includes 94 waveforms and is available as a free download.

Zebroscillators 2.5 Download size: 180.05 kB

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