Sensel and KVR Audio have announced a massive MPE Producer’s Giveaway at the KVR Audio forum.

Partnering with Bitwig Studio, Madrona Labs, Snyderphonics, Audio Damage, and SonalSystem, The prize package is a complete kit for discovering the best of MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression), the MIDI standard for per-note control.

It includes a modern DAW with Bitwig Studio, incredible sounding instruments with Aalto and Continua, expressive presets from SonalSystem, and an essential USB-CV Eurorack module in the Snyderphonics Manta Mate. The complete package is valued at over $1,200 USD, and provides a full spectrum of what you can do with MPE.

Sensel and KVR started talking about ways to help promote MPE at NAMM 2020, and recently launched the “All About MPE” Experts Forum to spark discussion and learning about how different software works with the latest addition to the MIDI standard.

“Even though it is a standard, there’s a million ways to use it. With the ability to control different timbres and tunings on each note and each finger, electronic music finally has a reliable way to put all the unreliability of the human body into sound,” says Peter Nyboer of Sensel. “This can result in something ‘bad’ or ‘amateur’ or it can be incredibly emotional and expressive.”

“We’d really like this giveaway to not just create excitement, but help raise awareness about this two year old standard,” says Chris Halaby, KVR CEO. “More and more instruments from the biggest players in the industry are putting this into their instruments, and we are looking forward to hearing the results, but if people don’t understand it, we won’t get the benefits.”

The Giveaway runs from until November 12th, 2020.

More information: MPE Producer’s Bundle Giveaway