In light of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, the team behind the Sensel Morph pressure sensor is working to bring its community of creatives together with a series of online live streams and performances.

Sensel Buchla Thunder Overlay

Coronavirus is severely impacting every aspect of the music-making community, cutting off key revenue sources while leaving artists and organizations with an unwelcome abundance of time. With hardware, there’s no free download, and a 19% discount just seems like a cheap shot.

As social distancing remains paramount, the Morph team wanted to offer something of lasting value. They decided that educational live streams, done in collaboration with artists who are passionate about the Morph and getting paid for their work, would do the most to support the growing community of Morph users.

“Like much of the music industry, our business has been severely impacted by unforeseen event cancellations, retail closures, and more,” said Sensel Product Strategist and Morph Frontman Peter Nyboer. “As a small hardware startup, we knew we had to get a little creative, both for our communities’ sake and for our own. In conversation with some artist friends, we realized that the best thing we could do is give them some pay and a platform to express their talent and perspective. More than ever, we really want their point of view out there.”

Sensel’s upcoming live streams will feature highly innovative artists like Hugo Paris, Moldover, and Ralph Freund (Noizebusters).

A detailed schedule will be released in the coming days. The team is in talks with additional artists and will expand the schedule if it proves to have an impact.

More information: Sensel Morph