Sensomusic Usine

Sensomusic has released version 5.50.40 Usine and Easine, the universal audio software especially designed for live or studio utilization.

Changes in Usine/Easine v5.50.40

  • More efficient panic button.
  • New dashboard design.
  • [sampler] the gain inlet is now smoothed to avoid audio clicks (on fast modifications).
  • [conductor] the selected track is no longer modified during a conductor recall.
  • Fixed: [pianoroll] various display bugs.
  • Fixed: [pianoroll] some copy/cut bugs solved.
  • Fixed: [sampler] an artifact can occur the first time a sound is played.
  • Fixed: [Easine VST] is 2xin 2xout.

Sensomusic has also announced that the add-ons for Usine are now available to download at no cost.

After few month of suspended downloads we have good news for all Usine free users: Get more than 250 Add-ons and ready-made patches for free.

More information: Sensomusic