Sensomusic Usine Stage free for limited time

Sensomusic Stage

Sensomusic has announced that its Usine Stage software will be free for a limited time.

We are glad to announce that Usine Stage 5.80 will be free for some weeks

Usine Stage is a perfect introduction to Usine Hollyhock world and will let you create complete sets for composition or live situation

Usine Stage features

  • 16 in/ 16 outs.
  • Unlimited midi devices.
  • 8 tracks.
  • 8 patches per tracks.
  • 2 auxiliary buses.
  • 2 master tracks.
  • Osc implementation.
  • Conductor to memorize scenes.
  • Windows 32.

More information: Sensomusic

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Koen Veldeman
Koen Veldeman

After reading their homepage, I still haven’t the slightest idea about what this is supposed to do for me. I couldn’t find any explanation for people who had never used Usine. No wonder they have to give it away for free! I think they should hire a professional copywriter, quickly. Because they didn’t even sell their free download to me…


whao ! a bit surprised by this comment. We have screenshots, videos on the website and a “what is usine ” page ( ) . This offer is for the old stage version, ( only Windows compatible), but we have a lot professionals musicians and many schools/studios happy with Usine :-) . please consider a try

Koen Veldeman
Koen Veldeman

Hi, cool to see that you read the comments :-) My comment may have been a little bit harsh. But I really meant what I said: your website doesn’t sell the product to me. “it’s a unique piece of software which introduces several revolutionary concepts” could describe just about any software, like games, or an office application, or a shopping list. The writing doesn’t inspire me. It sometimes looks to me like a programmer wrote the text on your website, as a side job. I suggest looking around on the web, to see how your competitors are handling their presence… Read more »


I understand and you’re right (ronnie too) . that ‘s why we’re working actually on a total new website. We also
sell affordable products, and this means less budget for
communication,but once again, I hear your remarks and we’re looking for
an balance in this questions. And for our defense, our competitors like
Ableton are around 200 employees, we are…3 ;-)


I think Koen has a point. If you’ve never heard of Usine before it’s hard to tell what you’re looking at. Sure, you can click a few more links to find out what Usine is, but it would be good briefly mention it on the Stage page as well. Also to mention what Stage is exactly compared to the Hollyhock version.
You want to capture visitors right there on the landing page, or they’ll leave without even trying (like Koen).