Loopmasters has released a new sample pack from Artisan Audio titled Sentience – Dark Ambient, a collection that comes packed with futuristic electronica tools, perfect for crafting sci-fi soundscapes and moody cinematic expressions.

Sentience brings you an abundance of texture, movement and manipulation. Between real and surreal, this 496 MB library consists of unique sonics for your musical elements.

You’ll hear all sorts of timbres – droney, sharp, recorded and synthesized. Moving, grim and ethereal. Not settled on a mood yet bound by a sound. Sentience invites you to look in-between, to build, to push through experiments with hopes of aiding you in your own musical path. You’ll hear technologically constructed drums, deep mechanical basslines, expansive atmospheres, curious synths, epic Fx and much more within.

The pack is priced £24.95 GBP. It is currently 50% off as part of Loopmasters’ Black Friday promotion.

Also available is the Cinematic Bundle, a limited time value collection of 6 sample packs offering at a 70% discount. Comprising Endless Skies, Desire, Tension, Hybrid Atmospherics, Transcendence, and Halos, the bundle costs £39.95 GBP.

More information: Artisan Audio