Seqsual has announced the release a collection of patchable blocks for Reaktor and the free Reaktor Player from Native Instruments.

Blue Set aims to bring inspiring new approaches and applications to traditional step-sequencing, keeping the process engaging, readable and user-friendly.

Seqsual Blue Set

Individual blocks can be inter-connected through patch points to create unique customised sequencers. Real-time generated signals are sent as MIDI messages to DAW, VSTs, hardware instruments or used directly as control voltages with analogue equipment through DC-coupled audio interface.

Blue Set features

  • Parallel sequencing: Multiple tracks with independent length, offset and time controls can share same set of step values.
  • Intuitive clock signal handling: Negative pulse advances sequences in reverse direction, sequencing blocks have direct input for random jumps and resets.
  • Generation & development: Step values can be generated, sequentially recorded, modified and shuffled on the fly.

Seqsual Blue Set is available for purchase for 36 EUR. A demo version contains all Blue Set blocks with saving disabled and time limit of 30 minutes per session.

More information: Seqsual