Rodrigo Roman of RRC2Soft has released version 1.050 of Sequencism, a free sequencer app for iOS.

The update brings initial support for AU MIDI in AUv3 Effects, support for Solfege notation, and some minor bugfixes.

RRC2Soft Sequencism

sequencism is a music sketchbook tool that allows the creation of short and simple pieces of music. It is designed to provide a traditional user interface of track and piano roll editors, while taking advantage of the touch-screen capabilities of the iPad. It also includes other helper tools, such as chord helper tracks.

Note that the main goal of this app is to work as a sketchbook, thus I do not recommend sequencism for musicians that want to fully produce a complex song using only this app, or want to play songs live on stage.

sequencism features

  • Simple track mixer and visual mixer (volume, pan).
  • Multitrack editor: MIDI instrument tracks, chord helper tracks.
  • Support for SF2 and AUv3 instruments (lightweight SF2 files only).
  • AUv3 Effects.
  • AUv3 MIDI.
  • Piano roll editor: add, move, copy notes within blocks.
  • MIDI keyboard, supports multiple scales, including user-defined scales.
  • Support for diatonic and chromatic chords, borrowed chords (modal interchange).
  • Automatic transposing when changing chords or scales.
  • Supports Audiobus 3 and Ableton Link.
  • Support for MIDI keyboards, including Bluetooth keyboards.

Sequencism is a free download for iOS 9.3 or later.

More information: RRC2Soft