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Serato updates Serato DJ to v1.7 + Flip & DVS Expansion Packs released


Serato has announced the release of version 1.7 of its Serato DJ software.

Serato DJ 1.7 includes Serato Flip and Serato DVS Expansion Packs, new hardware and Official Serato Accessory support, library optimization, the introduction of some of the classic Scratch Live features including; MIDI Panel, Chronological Cue Points, AM Mode, Rearrange Cues, and changes such as smaller Quantize values and more.

All of this is alongside a large dose of maintenance and a huge number of bug fixes for continued stability and performance.

Changes in Serato DJ v1.7

  • Serato Flip Expansion Pack
    • A new Expansion Pack for Serato DJ that allows you to create custom edits, extend and reimagine your music. This is possible by recording your cue point and censor actions / automation, which can be saved and looped, ready to re-trigger and start an instant.
    • Use Serato Flip to create and save up to 6 Flips per track, ready for playback in the studio or the club.
    • Serato Flip can be purchased/activated in-app within the Serato DJ ‘My Serato’ window or from the Serato Online Store for USD29.
  • Serato DVS Expansion Pack
    • A new Expansion Pack for Serato DJ that allows users with compatible/supported hardware to expand their setup and connect Turntable or CDJs to their controller setup. Supported hardware includes; Denon DJ MC6000MK2, Numark N4 and Pioneer DDJ-SX2. With more to come.
    • Serato DVS Expansion Pack can be purchased and activated in-app within the Serato DJ ‘My Serato’ window or from the Serato Online Store for USD99.
  • New Hardware and Official Serato Accessory Support — Support for the Pioneer DDJ-SX2, Numark NV, Pioneer DDJ-WeGO3, Akai Pro AFX and Reloop Neon.
  • Library Optimization — Serato DJ now handles significantly larger music libraries. With Serato DJ 1.7 you can load up to 5x the size of your Scratch Live library. A huge improvement for DJs with very large music collections.
  • MIDI Panel — A new MIDI Panel inside Serato DJ that allows you to MIDI map additional software features such as Library Scroll, Loop Rolls, Instant Doubles, Loop Shift, a dedicated combo HP / LP filter for each channel + much more.
  • Other New Features
    • AM Mode – Hide the artist and track information displayed in the Virtual Deck area.
    • Chronological Cue Points – A highly popular Scratch Live feature, now available in Serato DJ.
    • Rearrange Cues.
    • Smaller Quantize Values.
    • And much more.
  • Maintenance and Bug Fixes — Serato DJ 1.7 also includes a large amount of maintenance and huge number of bug fixes.

Serato DJ for Windows and Mac is available for purchase for $129 USD. The Flip Expansion Pack and DVS Expansion Pack are available as an in-app purchases for $29 USD and $99 USD respectively.

More information: Serato

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