Zenhiser has released Serotonin Trance, a fast paced, truly emotive sample pack that delivers over 5GB of dance floor erupting, stadium filling samples, loops, stems and MIDI.

Zenhiser Serotonin Trance

Simply explore this euphoric world where unrelenting rhythms meet captivating melodies to create a new spawn of sound dedicated to the timeless world of Trance music.

Designed for total flexibility, this Trance sample pack burrows through the essentials used by producers worldwide, powerful stems for instant creativity, midi to expand your innovative freedom, full mix loops and their individual parts for optimum flexibility, drum sounds for all out beat offensive, one shots to produce a unique balance in your tracks and fx to stimulate transitions.

This surplus of sonic freedom is available to downloaded, used and manipulated within minutes giving rise to instant creativity at your fingertips. Painstakingly modelled after some of the biggest names in Trance including Magnus, Protoculture, Simon Patterson, John Askew, Sean Tyas and David Forbes ensures a truly authentic Trance sound that will reverberate throughout your future productions.

With The Drum & Bass Club, Zenhiser delivers a pack of high energy rhythms, deep bass and weighty beats.

Zenhiser The Drum & Bass Club

This tireless undertaking of darkness establishes a meticulous collection of Drum n Bass samples, loops, stems, midi and one shots ready to use and abuse in the DAW of your choice.

Burrow your way into this mega 6GB sample collection of murky D&B rollers and you’ll reach new dimensions of sound quality, with a presence of unearthly synths, menacing growls, pounding beats and fiery intensity. Inspired by artists such as Enei, Break, Skeptical, Alix Perez & Monty, any number of options will get your juices flowing, punchy stems, programmable midi, top notch full mix loops and their individual parts, snappy one shots or even the array of impending fx.

‘The Drum & Bass Club’ cranks up momentum within every folder delivering a sound collection that’s ideal for Dark Drum & Bass, and with subtle nods to sub genres you’ll be sure this collection from Zenhiser will have the unique grit and drive you are looking for in your tracks.

For Techno producers there is Circuits – Techno, bringing thick basslines, pounding beats, forward thinking rhythms and a stylistic approach to the Techno scene.

Zenhiser Circuits Techno

Bringing together elements from German Techno, Detroit House and analogue fuelled Techno has created this monolithic, razor sharp sample pack that is the perfect inspiration for creative producers.

Inside the collection you’ll find an essential toolkit for Techno aficionados. Abstract rhythms, enigmatic synths, unheard sequences and evolving stems immerses the end user in a world that breathes enthusiasm and gives the mind’s cogwheel a turbocharge. Song Starters reveal their expanding nature by using classic synths including Roland Jupiter 6, Modular Systems and Sequential Circuits Six-Track.

Drum beats explore the classic world of the Roland TR-909, TR-808, TR-626 and Yamaha’s RX5. Full mix loops get their character from the Oberheim Matrix-1000 and Suzuki SX500 whilst individual loops support the construction theory Zenhiser is now famous for. Wrap that up with powerful midi, deep and dark one shots, fat bass sounds, polyphonic synth hits, explorative fx and a drum collection so crisp they’ll be your go to drum collection and you’ll see why this Techno sample pack is a necessity.

For some more drum and bass sounds, Decoded Drum & Bass comes with crisp beats, hefty bass, primary synths and ballistic rhythms, merging new Jungle with Tech Step and Minimal D&B.

Zenhiser Decoded Drum & Bass

This fusion of styles is indispensable for Drum & Bass producers whether you’re working on your own tracks, remixes or a future album.

As with all new Zenhiser releases, the pack is pristinely laid out with folders for just about all your needs, five construction kit / stem masterpieces, twenty five full mix loops with their individual parts, seperate drum hits for all occasions, exemplary fx and essential synth / bass one shots. Everything has been recorded between 170bpm – 174bpm, labelled for ease of use plus a good chunk of midi to feed your next D&B production.

This unique collection covers everything from Nu-Jungle to Rollers and is certified to push any dance floor to it’s limits.

The sample packs are available from Loopmasters for £34.95 GBP each.

More information: Zenhiser